The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Medicine

The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Medicine

by Ryunosuke Goto, fifth year medical student at the University of Tokyo

Located on the beautiful Hongo campus in the heart of Tokyo, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tokyo is one of the world’s leading medical schools. Its strong research and clinical education attracts the brightest students from worldwide.

The school actively provides students with research opportunities, where students are given multiple chances during the six-year curriculum called “free quarter” to be part of any of the Faculty’s labs. The research program is very flexible: a student may wish to go to the Middle East to conduct global health research on refugees with the WHO over the summer, engage in neuroscience research with the world’s leading labs in neuroimaging or electrophysiology, or get clinical research experience by evaluating the effects of a new resuscitation protocol used in the ER.

Students can gain a lot of clinical experience as well. Clinical clerkships start in January of the fourth year, and students spend about two to three weeks in each specialty and receive bedside training or observe surgeries. Furthermore, if a student is more interested in clinical practice than research, he or she may use the “free quarter” to gain experience in the University of Tokyo Hospital.

Another unique aspect of UTokyo Medicine is the liberal arts education it provides in the first one-and-a-half years. In this period, students study at a different campus (the Komaba campus), where they can take any class ranging from philosophy to economics. Students often have a difficult time choosing which classes to take, given the vast majority of available classes. Many students also get involved in student organization activies during this period; others go abroad to learn another language or do whatever research they wish.

With the uniqueness and high quality of the education it provides, UTokyo Medicine is a great platform to receive the necessary education to become not only great physicians but also global leaders.

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