Dokkyo Medical University, Faculty of Medicine

Dokkyo Medical University, Faculty of Medicine

by Seira Honjo, third year medical student at Dokkyo Medical University

Dokkyo Medical University based in Mibu, Tochigi prefecture, fosters individuals to become locally oriented medical professionals with a global perspective. Our unique curriculum and research electives along with an at-home atmosphere allow students to become well-trusted professionals providing suitable care for locals of the community.

DMU is divided into School of Medicine, School of Nursing, Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Nursing, and Graduate Program in Midwifery, along with two affiliated hospitals and two Nursing Schools. As early as in their first year, students receive clinical training in the university’s hospital, local clinics and medical facilities through Community Health Internship. Community Health Internship provides medical and nursing students the opportunity to work together to discuss and present about their experiences at local clinics and facilities. Through this program students engage themselves in thinking about social, ethical, and medical problems that the community faces.

We also have research electives, where students are able to choose a laboratory in basic medicine and/or clinical medicine beginning their first year. This elective allows students to conduct experiments, present at conferences, and write papers on a certain research topic. Through these activities, students learn to think critically and build their research minds, skills which are essential for the development of medicine and for coming up with innovative methods of diagnoses and treatments.

With around 120 students per grade, our tightly-knit community makes for an at-home atmosphere where students have easy access to professors of both basic and clinical medicine whenever they have inquiries. Students also have mentors who support their personal and academic life. Such an atmosphere allows students to fully concentrate on their academics and dive into their extracurricular activities.

DMU is a part of one of the world’s oldest and largest student-run organizations called International Federation of Medical Students Association(IFMSA), and holds a branch of IFMSA-Japan called DiMSA. IFMSA-Japan’s motto, “Think globally, act locally”, resonates with the values of our school. IFMSA-JAPAN brings together medical students not only in Japan but around the globe to discuss and initiate actions to create a healthier and better world. Through this connection, students are exposed to issues around the globe, and initiate actions through projects to positively impact our community we serve.

With large therapeutic trees and green fields, Dokkyo Medical University serves to build a healthy community in Tochigi prefecture by teaching future medical professionals to adjust to the community’s needs with a global perspective.

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